Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Iron Lady

‘The Iron Lady’ is a biographical film about Margaret Thatcher, the former and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, portrayed by Meryl Streep.  Her husband Dennis, played by Jim Broadbent, makes his brief appearances when she talks to his ghost and reality and memories of the past (with the young Dennis played by Harry Lloyd) melt into surreal imaginings.

No matter what one might have thought of  Thatcher’s politics, the film is truly remarkable at what it is, the depiction of a highly controversial woman. Streep is superb as Mrs. T and depicts her vulnerability as dementia takes hold of her and as she is about to lose her past, showing the key events of her life as Prime Minister which made her one of the20th century’s most famous and influential woman.

The film might be a bit single-minded missing out everything that made her a unique and formidable figure especially the most current one, i.e., her strong arguments against any involvement in the European Monetary Union and membership of the Euro and her much ridiculed prediction that a single currency could not accommodate industrial powerhouses such as Germany and backwards countries such as Greece.

There are brief moments, when back in the presence, and the frail MT is asked how she feels that we are given a psychological insight. She dismisses the question with ‘ far too much emphasis on ‘feeling’ nowadays, what matters is thinking. What we think we become ! ‘

The film’s uncritical nature will infuriate a lot of people, yet Meryl Streep’s performance as MT down to the tailored power dressing, the pearls, the hair and the voice is so spot on it’s eerie and one often questions whether it isn’t the real Mrs.T one is looking at and only for one brief moment one feels as though it is Streep’s very own personality coming through.

If she doesn’t win an Oscar for her role as Mrs. T I will eat one of the hats she was asked to stop wearing as a first step in a makeover to becoming the country’s leader.

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