Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Don't ban Salman Rushdie: Shriya Saran furious !

Shriya Saran gets chatty with TOI on Salman Rushdie, sexy item numbers and more...

She has a smouldering, hot aura, which makes men go weak in the knees. But, those who judge oomphy gal Shriya Saran of Sivaji: The Boss fame merely by her looks, are in for a shock. Behind that comely exterior lies a woman, who's very sensitive to her surroundings and a trained Kathak dancer, whose candid takes on life are extremely endearing. In a candid chat with PT, Shriya gets chatty on life, love and more...

Does it bother you that Salman Rushdie will not be a part of Jaipur literature fest, especially since you are also doing a film based on Rushdie's Midnight's Children, directed by Deepa Mehta... Keeping a man like Salman Rushdie away from the fest is illogical! Look at his body of work! We are the largest democracy in the world, so to take an autocratic view on Rushdie's visit to India is uncalled for! If people's sentiments have been hurt, they have a right to voice them. But don't ban him, please! 

You had said that Sivaji: the Boss changed your career, but now that you are integral part of Bollywood, do you feel a special connect with Shivaji - the Maratha warrior too? It's really strange, but I find a connect with Shivaji Raje through Rajinikanth. Rajini sir is born a Marathi, he's a superstar in Tamil film industry and a national icon too. He started his life as an ordinary man and reached the pinnacle. This is how Shivaji Raje's life also traversed from common to extraordinary. 

You have openly admitted that you admire Anna Hazare. Now that his movement has slowed down, do you feel disappointed? Anna comes from a small village and yet he inspired the entire nation to fight the menace of corruption head-on. That is not a small achievement. He may have withdrawn in a shell, but at the right time, he will revert to take the battle forward. It's a great honour that he will be watching our film Gali Gali Chor Hai, which deals with corruption. 

Does it rankle you that Veena Malik is doing Channo - a sizzling item number in the film and not you? I couldn't have done Channo even if I wanted to because I am playing a homemaker in the film. 

If you were given a chance, what would be your first choice for doing an item number? I'd love to do Munni or Sheila because Malaika and Katrina look great in these numbers. Alas, I'm still waiting to do my first item number!

Thanks : Times of India